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Sweater Thursday IX.

29 Nov


I took this when I was home last week to help me cope with my camera situation this week and I bet my mom is wondering why there are three grumpy-looking self-portraits of me on her camera. Her children are so confusing.

This sweater may not look noteworthy, but it deserves a post because it’s arguably the sweater that started it all: the classic J.Crew rollneck. I think it’s the first one in my modern collection. Perfect for cold, sunny Fall days when you don’t want to wear a coat and excellent for lending to under-dressed boys because it’s actually a men’s sweater. At one point I had four of these – two charcoal, one red, and one blue.


Who would I do and a hat #5.

29 Nov

I lost my camera battery two weeks ago because I am less responsible when I’m wearing a mustache. I’m going to have to limp along here until I invest in either a new battery or a new camera.


I bought this hat after a job interview for a job I didn’t get. It’s an appropriate one to paint rather than photograph because I can’t find it, but that’s what it looks like. That’s not really what I look like. That looks like Frodo Baggins. Also pictured is my dead camera.

Now that that’s out of the way, who would I do?


Andrew Bird. I tried to aim a little higher this time because my choices have been disturbing people. He’s a mean whistler. And I hear he has a big phonograph.

Sweaters of my youth.

25 Nov

As a special treat, I went through all of the photo albums at my parents’ house and pulled out pictures of me in sweaters. It turns out I was more of a sweatshirt kid, but here is what I found.


Here I am almost two in a green and yellow sweater dress. I wish I could pull off this look now. I still have the sweater. It’s really small.


This was probably the first of many terrible pictures of me. My dad said I look like I’m about to take someone’s head off, but I think I’m about to projectile vomit.


That’s me on my first day of preschool and that’s a pretty sweet cardigan.


This is actually my sister Katie, but I remember coveting that sweater. I think the article on the front was about how newsprint sweaters were all the rage.


I think I’m ten here and I know I’m wearing green plaid stirrup pants on the bottom.


Here I mow the lawn in a large green sweater that clashes with grass.

And only because I can’t resist, here’s a picture of me looking pretty trashy.


My backyard.

23 Nov


Today I hiked with Meg and my dad in the Niagara gorge.


The river is an international boundary. We share it with Canada. Go there for Tim Horton’s and a less depressing casino.





Shadow puppets.


Sweater Thursday VIII.

23 Nov


A little late, but here we go. I bought this sweater on Wednesday for $19.99 + tax. It has puffy sleeves and a controversial gathered ruffle at the neckline (see below). On Thanksgiving I wore it over my jammies.



Now it’s covered in dog hair.

Here is a Sweater Thursday guest in a guest sweater: my sister Meghan in a green beauty from Old Navy.



Also covered in dog hair.

I don’t think it will quite live up to the joint surprise of The Cheese Rind and the Mad Nerdess (which blew my mind) but I will have a sweater surprise for you tomorrow…

Who would I do and a hat #4.

18 Nov

Fourth installment of who would I do and a hat.

First, a bucket hat.


I think this hat is a little bit The Hamburgler, but my nephew L. said it made me look French and I won’t argue.

And now, who would I do?


Ted Levine, aka Captain Leland Stottlemeyer from Monk. I think it’s the mustache. And his deep mumbly voice. Here he is talking about what it would be like if we met at a bar. That is unfortunate.

My Midwestern education.

16 Nov

How to make a walk-o-taco*.

1. Find a taco bar, close your eyes, and choose a bag of chips. You will get Doritos or Fritos. Crush the chips inside the bag.


2. Fold down the top of the bag.


3. Add taco fixings. Grab a fork.


4. Walk with your taco.


*Amber, featured model and taco instructor, says they are called walking tacos, but I prefer walk-o-taco.