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Strange and wonderful things

13 Jun

I’m having a hard week. I want to wallow and grouch. But I just caught up on Glee and I learned:

1. Don’t try to build a relationship with a teenage daughter you gave up for adoption even if you want to and she wants to and you live in the same town.

2. Do try to get out of a funk.

So let’s look at things that made me smile recently.

Misinterpreting our order for “pancakes,” the kitchen made “mickey-mouse pancakes.” The ears were on the house!

A dead lizard was discovered in the trunk of a car that has not been south of Ohio for five years. It remains.

Fresh golden baby spiders.

Fresh golden baby human.

This little dog.


In which Barack Obama proposes marriage

23 Mar

Do you share my deep concern about this highly networked life we lead — that I can only tell a joke one time?

A failure to learn from human history

13 Aug


What’s on her oatmeal?

10 Aug

I haven’t been sharing my summer with you. Why?

I don’t know. You know how I let important things get away from me. This has probably been my least relaxing summer ever. I’ve had a pretty cushy life and I feel entitled to lazy summers, so that’s not a very meaningful qualification. And yet I have back pain due to stress! Just like on TV.

I don’t really know where to start, so let’s start with breakfast.


A month ago I was eating blueberries (I picked exactly three pounds of them!) and a banana on my oatmeal. This morning I had cherries and a peach.


Animals of my recent past

10 Aug




Memorial Day weekend.

28 May

I didn’t wave any flags but I have officially lived here for two years and that was worth memorializing.

Two years ago I wrote somebody this email:

I ate lunch with a girl from class today named [cinnamon tingle]. I think we could be friends.

Aw. We went to my favorite bakery twice.


I brought my temporary charge and he tried to be so good.


Then we stopped at a garage sale and I bought a Choose Your Own Adventure book about space specifically for my bathroom.

Should you trust a robot?

10 May