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Sweater Thursday LII

28 May

I want to make this as significant and heart-wrenching as possible. This appropriately belated post is the last of Sweater Thursday as we currently understand it. Are you crying, yet?
I am out of sweaters. Fifty-two! That represents a year of weeks! And, written in roman numerals, a phonetically accurate rendering of my last name. That’s never happened before. (Except maybe last week.) Both great milestones to quit on. In fact, I don’t really have a fifty-second sweater to share. But I wanted to get there in spirit, so instead I asked other people to let me wear their sweaters and be photographed. They humored me. Behold.

Mustard! She got it in a dollar bin! I am pretending to scan nothing.


I am focused on not ripping the seams of this tiny cropped cardigan.


I do not even attempt to button this one. You can tell I am at the desk of a superior because of the fancy chair.


Finally, something bigger than me. My instinct was to zip this classic zip cardigan all the way up, and it was wrong.


I helped cinnamon tingle move into a new place. This (marled? I wanted to call it marled.) sweater was on top of a pile so I helped myself. It’s blurry. I had three beers.

It’s okay if you want to relive it.


Memorial Day weekend.

28 May

I didn’t wave any flags but I have officially lived here for two years and that was worth memorializing.

Two years ago I wrote somebody this email:

I ate lunch with a girl from class today named [cinnamon tingle]. I think we could be friends.

Aw. We went to my favorite bakery twice.


I brought my temporary charge and he tried to be so good.


Then we stopped at a garage sale and I bought a Choose Your Own Adventure book about space specifically for my bathroom.


22 May

Text message from Seelander: “Come to tennessee.” 

For the cut salty boys who love to get drunk? TEMPTING. What’s hotter than a man casually backing a trailer into a gas station? I mean it.

Anyway, receiving this text made me happy because 1) Seelander! 2)I love being invited to things and 3)it immediately put this song in my head.

Should you trust a robot?

10 May

Sweater Thursday LI

7 May


A new cardigan! Excellent for making happy hour a civilized and sensible choice.

This morning on my way to work in my typical rainy day boots and skirt ensemble, I passed a man smirking in a wheelchair with a beagle on a leash. As I smiled upon his beagle, the man said, “Nice legs. Killer.”

(He was smoking a cigarette and I was listening to my iPod pretty loud (MIKA – Billy Brown), so really he could have said anything. I am choosing to accept a compliment that may or may not have been offered, and I’m saving it for another rainy day.)

Happy May 5!

5 May

Today I came home to an impromptu dinner and a gorgeous woman put a beer in my hand and asked me how my day was. Fried plantains, fancy tacos, queso. All I did was show up. It kind of makes you mourn the break down of traditional marriage roles.


She kills me.

4 May


My favorite one.