Sweater Thursday VIII.

23 Nov


A little late, but here we go. I bought this sweater on Wednesday for $19.99 + tax. It has puffy sleeves and a controversial gathered ruffle at the neckline (see below). On Thanksgiving I wore it over my jammies.



Now it’s covered in dog hair.

Here is a Sweater Thursday guest in a guest sweater: my sister Meghan in a green beauty from Old Navy.



Also covered in dog hair.

I don’t think it will quite live up to the joint surprise of The Cheese Rind and the Mad Nerdess (which blew my mind) but I will have a sweater surprise for you tomorrow…


One Response to “Sweater Thursday VIII.”

  1. Darcy 11/24/07 at 12:03 pm #

    I like the sweater choices, along with the baring of legs with pjs. I also like the new dog. Did Meghan consciously rebel against the white?

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