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Good ideas, poor execution

28 Nov

1. Using playdough to clean the cracks in my keyboard.


2. Eating a spoonful of ground coffee so I can still run on an empty stomach but without falling asleep.


Sweater Thursday XXXII

27 Nov


Happy Sweater Thursday Annual Thanksgiving Edition! This was my first orphan feast (well, the second if you count the tofu dome feast on Tuesday*), and it was amazing.


Cheese, guacamole, orange ruffy, roasted root vegetables, mashed potatoes, tomato curry, rolls, beets which were forgotten about and never consumed. I imagine at this point in your Thanksgiving celebration you no longer want to talk about food and have moved on to napping and groaning. That’s about where I am too, but I predict that in about thirty minutes I’ll find some room for apple pie, ginger pumpkin cheesecake, and Peaberry coffee.

*I must show you the beautiful tofu dome molded by cinnamon tingle.


And my apple pie, snapped just after I, in an attempt to pose with it, poured its juices all over my shoes. Hence my accusatory glance.


[Updated to add:] A late submission from NNW. Argyle! Note the classic sweater-bicycle combo.


Sweater Thursday XXXI

21 Nov

I am a day late. Yesterday NNW and I drove 2 hours to a small town in Iowa to give a presentation for parents on social networking safety. Including the librarian who was obligated to be there, two people showed up. But we were all wearing sweaters! Amazing. Heads have been changed to protect us all from internet predators*.


A new sweater from NNW, documented on the road. It looks expensive.


Please leave encouraging comments about the beard. He’s three weeks in. Beard Month doesn’t count if you shave before Thanksgiving. I don’t make the rules.

*I found that woman’s head in the middle when searching for “lion face.”

Moustaches Explained

16 Nov

It surprises me that I should have to enumerate the benefits of wearing false moustaches, but several people have asked me why I do it.

The scientific answer. Your evening will be at least 10% more fun (22% on average) than the same evening without whiskers. Everyone you encounter while will have at least 2% more fun.

The anecdotal evidence. I wore one on Saturday for W‘s birthday and the following things happened.

1. When I boarded a bus, a man stood up and applauded me.

2. When I made a routine trip to the bar bathroom, a guy shouted, “Chick with a ‘stache!” and the rest of his table threw up their arms and cheered for me. They cheered again when I returned from the bathroom.


This morning I was detained by two cats

13 Nov


Julian only visits when it’s sunny.


This one let me carry him around my apartment for a while.

Sweater Thursday XXIX

6 Nov


Okay, so I’m only wearing one sweater today. A wrap sweater. But my belt is wool, so that adds something. That book in my hand is the very last journal on the library shelf.

cimg4142And now, my friends-in-sweaters.

Cinnamon TIngle in a pre-owned button-down cardigan with pockets.cimg4149

A soft chocolately number from someone who is slightly suspicious of the internet. Hint: she likes whiskey.

cimg4152It’s windy in Iowa today. On my walk to the library, my skirt blew up and as I struggled to get it back down, this guy with a shovel said, “That’s okay, I don’t mind.” Classy.

Another reason to love Iowa

2 Nov

…William Elliot Whitmore