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25 Apr

Come out of your reader to see my new header. Yes it is Friday night. I’ve had a long day in a long week. This is how I kick back with a box of wine.


Sweater Thursday XXV.

24 Apr

The Wedge is a new addition inside my regular coffee shop. Good pizza. By the slice. Practically in my living room. Jason alerted me mere hours after it opened its doors with an email: “Welcome to your new life of being fat, broke, and caffeinated.” How did he know?

Repeat tee. My, she looks angry today.

Six random things

24 Apr

Well shit. I’ve been tagged by NerdGirlBlogging and now I must reveal six random things about me. I think this is called a meme.

1. I had an imaginary friend named Lucky. She had short blond hair and she wasn’t very nice to me.

2. I don’t mind running five miles in the rain but when I’m in a car I hate reaching for stuff in the back seat from the front seat. It’s so hard. Also folding maps.

3. I think the greatest invention of the 20th century was probably the tampon, though I’ve never tried the moon cup.

4. I don’t jump very high.

5. Are you afraid of rabid dogs? Deep, dark water? I am terrified of being trapped upside-down because I have weak veins and low blood pressure and within a few seconds my brains start exploding into my sinuses.

6. I see no reason to wear pants in my apartment. Optional.

I am tagging:

1. Mad Nerdess
2. The Cheese Rind
3. A-Dog (Whose blog I am not permitted to read. You probably aren’t either.) El Scorcho
4. Fuzz
5. Lucia
6. Loud

I saw two horrific bugs in my kitchen sink this week. I thought maybe they were silverfish but after some research I identified them as house centipedes. Watch out. That’s their “carnage” page of poor bugs that were smooshed by ignorant humans. I didn’t feel sorrow or pity when I scrolled through the pictures, though, I felt bugs crawling all over me.

I am usually bug-neutral to bug-friendly but I cannot suffer a house centipede to live. The extra freaky long antennaes. The wormy body. I pour hot water on them and then spray them with bleach. On Earth Day. I don’t even like typing about it. The only reason I am is because I think they are close cousins to the freakish bug the Moderatilist trapped under a jar in college. And he left it there in the middle of the kitchen floor with a note on the jar that said “Look at this bug!” But I didn’t see the note and kicked the jar and severed some part of the bug. Maybe the thorax.

Action item

21 Apr

My podcasts can’t keep up with me. Because I like noise all the time, I get through all of them by midweek. (I suffered an ear-bud related injury last week. Maybe I should cut back.) I mostly rely on NPR and I’m getting bored. My mainstays:
1. This American Life
2. The Bryant Park Project
3. On Point
4. All Songs Considered
5. Agatha Christie Radio Mysteries
6. NerdGirlsTalking (Not bored of. I never do the dishes without it. But production is sparse.)

What podcasts do you love that I need to subscribe to?

Sweater Thursday XXIV.

17 Apr

Elbow length, cropped black sweater. You think you’ve seen this one before, but you haven’t. I have too many black sweaters and I’m sorry. I only put it on for the picture because it’s so hot at my desk I might take off my pants. My shoes are already off and it stinks like feet. Underneath I’m wearing my new American Apparel unisex tri-blend deep v, one of the three articles of clothing fuzzy j is bringing to her island. Lately I’ve been telling people that I kicked my online shopping habit. That’s true, but I had to make an exception for a product recommendation like that. I got two and I love them. Thanks, the fuzz!

I’m also blogging at The Desert Island Blog. You can find out what it’s all about here. I think W means it when he says if you want to join, just say so. I think some great things are going to happen over there. Right now I’m trying to decide who I would bring for “sexytime” (those are air quotes).

I have been doing my own island-making for years on paper. It’s easier than keeping a journal, just a list of things I’m into at the moment that I would take with me. It’s fun for me to go back through it and try to remember what I was thinking.

    very tall trees
    fit boys
    a howling wind

My professional blogging career

16 Apr

It just started with a post about postcards.

Sweater Thursday XXIII.

11 Apr

gem sweater

Yesterday’s sweater is my gem sweater, the very one I wore to see Leslie Hall, lady rapper and gem sweater curator. It’s fancy.

fancy chugging coffee

I guess I drink coffee like I drink beer. That’s my shotgunning stance.