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In which Barack Obama proposes marriage

23 Mar

Do you share my deep concern about this highly networked life we lead — that I can only tell a joke one time?


Analog revival

14 Mar

Many months ago I put the blog aside to focus on achieving a job. Many months later, my unemployment still looms and there is but a sliver of internet television I have not seen. I lost my way.  Let’s just start the healing.

There is plenty to catch you up on (like Seasons 1-2 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I have a crush on Xander.), but let’s start with the best thing about 2010 so far: the mail addressed to me. Beautiful packages and they’re all mine.

Exhibit A

Hemingway. Who knit that tiny sweater? Probably his first wife while he was out getting drunk with his second wife. Artists can be such assholes.

Exhibit B

A Venn diagram. An Agatha Christie mystery (poor, sensitive Hastings). And a sweater for my French press! Cinnamon Tingle’s package was perfectly timed. I had been meaning to do something nice for my French press because it is so good to me. I wasn’t so hot at making coffee in the recent past, which I now surmise was the only thing between me and a caffeine addiction. But then Heidi came into my life for five glorious months and she taught me the secret of adulthood. This morning, like every morning, I experienced near-paralysis as I lay in bed and tried to coach myself up and into the kitchen to put the kettle on and prepare the cup that will end my suffering. It’s such a long walk.

Exhibit C

So far my studies revealed that Satan tried to tempt Christ with a powerboat, but Christ had none of it.

A this picture on page 43…

reminds me of this picture:

Exhibits D-G

Postcards + one cute note from my parents that came with gaiters. I did enjoy my winter walks. One day I came across this adorable scene. One snowperson conducting an enthusiastic chorus of snowpeople.

And the very next day, I rounded the bend and everyone’s ass had been kicked. Did Glee teach you nothing?

Exhibits E-F

Cats and dogs. In which my born-cool cousin invites me to Santa Barbara. Do you have a cousin in Santa Barbara?

Exhibit G

A drawing from another cousin. I think that’s a penguin in the box.

Exhibit H

Fitflops! After a few weeks in these, I’m supposed to be able to push a grocery cart in hot pants.

I’m buried in love here. I know it and my postal carrier knows it.