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Sweater Thursday XLIV

26 Feb

cimg5362I actually wore this sweater dress to work today but I have been lounging in this one for about 6 hours, so I say it counts. It’s a black turtle that I accidently washed on warm. Now I have another cropped one on my hands.

Barely pictured, propping me up: a new pillow from Target! Extra firm for side sleepers. I love bedtime again.

Not pictured: my new haircut. The jury is still out.


In case you were wondering

25 Feb

…what the hell those “Powered by Plinky” posts were about, Plinky is a thing I am trying out. It asks me random questions every week and if I answer them, I can publish them here. Here’s my page over there.

So far the questions are like something from a youth group ice breaker. Boring.

Sweater Thursday XLIII

25 Feb

I’m submitting this just hours before Sweater Thursday XLIV begins. Last week was busy and I forgot it was Thursday and I got caught in a repeat sweater dress. But this time, I wore it over jeans.

cimg5328I’m 28 now. This dress is truly too short for honest business and this is how I make it legal. I know some people have strong feelings about dresses over jeans but it feels so good. What side are you on?

Let it be known I made it to level 1.2

21 Feb

I wet my pants in a friend's basement while playing Super Mario Brothers 1 because I had waited so long for my turn to play and I didn't want to risk losing my spot during a trip to the bathroom. Also, I had downed a lot of soda because we didn't have that at our house.

I wish I was blogging on a typewriter

21 Feb

Can't beat that font. Pairs nicely with a pencil skirt.

Wildlife from my porch

12 Feb

Lookit all them crows!

cimg52082Hello opposum! What’s your name?


Sweater Thursday XLII

12 Feb

cimg52231It was a little chilly for these flutter-sleeves today, but honestly, it’s getting tough to deliver a new sweater every week. Who’s that dashing penguin with me? Darcy’s handiwork, delivered for my birthday. I know you want a closer look. I think he’s stuffed with cat hair.