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Welcum to Breakfast Scrabble

30 Apr

We introduced a Portlander to Breakfast Scrabble last weekend. He had a similar version called Inappropriate Scrabble, but house rules, you know? Or un-rules, I guess. He is taking it back to Portland, where Sweater Thursday has already taken root. I just know when I someday make it to Portland, there will be a welcoming committee waiting to hug me and and hand me a Voo-Doo donut.

Action item: what’s your favorite play?



Sweater Thursday L

30 Apr


OMG! We made it! Fifty glorious Thursdays of sweatering. I celebrated with a pastry at the bakery where I take cream in my coffee. If I need to explain why I look so happy, it’s because I am. I’m about to start my day with a perfect cinnamon bun served by a girl with the most perfect pony tail ever constructed. David, if you lived here, I would make you date her. Your babies would be so beautiful someone would have to drown them in a bucket. Spilling coffee on my lap did not get me down, nor even merit a napkin. Post-spill:


My day only got better/didn’t get worse. My lunch spot had my favorite spicy peanut soup and a bull dog out front that needed a scratch. And then there was a new Us Weekly to read at the gym. Now I know the secrets of the Obamas’ strong marriage.

Let’s give the sweater credit for this pretty great day: the brown BOATneck sister to this one. It’s woven for maximum relaxation and satisfaction!

I don’t want to declare the end of Sweater Thursday, yet, because, as we learned last week, never say never. But what a journey!

Sweater Thursday IL

23 Apr

cimg5677I took this picture in the locker room of my gym, post-shower. A few weeks ago I saw a girl in a sports bra taking pictures of herself in this same mirror. Perhaps she was just tracking her fitness goals, but I thought, people are getting dressed in here. This is not an appropriate place for cameras! I think I furrowed my brow at her. But then I did this. The lesson: never say never.

Is this cheap Target cardigan a repeat? I don’t know. I am too lazy to look it up. I have started belting everything and you can’t stop me.

Sweater Thursday XLVIII

16 Apr


On time! You weren’t expecting that. A loose weave cotton v-neck, best for beaches and boats. With little chance of encountering either today, I chose to capture it with coffee outside on a warmish morning. I really had to dig for this one. Can we make it to 50?? I know! I want to tell my newly employed twenty-three year old self to lay off the clicking finger. If only I could send her a postcard: “When you have the urge to add something to your shopping cart, employ these strategies: Go for a walk instead. Read something uplifting/crushing. Close your browser and fix a snack. Email object of desire to a friend, subject line, ‘This would like great on you!’ Go get drunk with the money you just saved. Or, you know, leave it in the bank. For me.”

Since I brought up beachiness in the third sentence, I give you this guy from my Florida trip. Where is your neck?


I miss you.

13 Apr

Let’s spend a little time together. I’ve had some posts planned in my head that just haven’t materialized. One is titled “Jealous?” and I show you a picture of my new red ten-speed resting on its kickstand in the sun and I tag it “You want to ride my bicycle. You want to ride my bike.” It might still happen.

What have I been up to lately besides wearing sweaters and not blogging about it? I’m overwhelmed. I don’t know where to start. I touched Seelander again. I attended Ms. Stanifer’s class. I went to Florida, saw some weird birds and found one shark tooth.

Let’s just start with today. I didn’t like it.

When I woke up at 7 I knew I had to give a 45 minute presentation to a class of library students, and all of my demo code was broken because I spent all day Sunday breaking it. I made coffee and started working on it. I broke more than I fixed. Including my toilet, for no reason. I tried to flush a smooshed bug and it started to overflow. It was sleeting outside but I had to walk to work. Then my umbrella broke, too. I struggled to hold a door for someone with my stupid umbrella and a mug of coffee in my hands and he scooted in behind me, rather than touch the germy door (I HATE that) and I almost broke him.

I worked on my presentation through lunch but I finished it on time! It was titled The Metadata Magic Show, and it included a live rendering of these two static webpages (from the same xml file using XSL and rudimentary css). The instructor loved it. Two students (out of eight) nodded off and two updated their Facebook status – one of the updates, twenty minutes into my show-and-tell: “Today sucks.” Awesome.

Part of this presentation was a plug for this class I’m supposed to teach this summer but based on the interest level, I’m guessing no one is going to sign up for it and it will be cancelled. Who will pay my rent?

When I got home, I tried to reflush the partially smooshed bug floating in my toilet and I realized it was still (barely) alive, kicking his broken little legs. I’m sorry! I deserved a shitty day!