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Sweater Thursday XLV-XLVII

26 Mar

I got a little behind on posting, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t sweatering. It means I’ve been spending my evenings applying for jobs/watching hulu until I’m too sleepy to blog. I tend to avoid things when they pile up. (Hello, taxes. Go away.)

Let’s round them up. Behold XLV, a gathered turtle.


From which I learn that those tights are not super appropriate for work, at least from this angle. If you’re admiring the chair I’m sitting in, here’s another one for you to look at, my desk chair. I like it, too!


I took the sweater out later with these other chicks in sweaters.


That’s my beer she is posing with. Do not trust your eyes.




I’m trying on a mustache that I will later sew to a coffee sleeve. It’s important to make sure they fit so I can say they were human-tested when I sell them. The pink cardigan is not a great color on me but it does say spring. Or at least Easter. It’s old and I know better now.

XLVII. That’s me in a navy blue capelet that makes me feel a little school-marmy and slope-shouldered.


I am posing with the oft-maligned cauliflower. If you have ever applied such adjectives as worthless and boring to a head of cauliflower, then you have never chopped it up and roasted it in the oven (at 425F) with olive oil, salt, and grated parmesan cheese. Think crispy delicious homefries that love the way your butt looks in those pants. I’d like to see you try that with broccoli.

Here I am chopping.


(I’m actually only offering this photo to give you a second chance to notice the postcard on my fridge featuring one of George Washington’s attempts at dentures. They are made of animal teeth, human teeth, vegetable marrow and scary lead hinges. They were in his mouth. Thank you, The Kee. Lead Hinges!)


He’s tanner than I thought he would be.*

5 Mar

It was 68 degrees in Iowa today. Maybe hotter. Too warm for any of my freshly dry-cleaned cashmere blends. I have no sweater to share. Instead, I give you Bordain and his meat stick, dedicated to Diana, who is also hot for him, and courtesy of The Rogue Baker who emailed it to me (perhaps he doesn’t want credit).


*Do you think this is photoshopped? I’m not familiar with his tattoos but those are definitely his feet.