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29 Aug

These shoes are hot off the delivery truck from zappos, intended to replace my tired 5000ms. The speedcats are perhaps too sleek and make my feet look as long and skinny as they are, but I am a sucker for suede. As I am for any fabric with a nap. The speeders remind me of lemurs. Their names suggest that both pairs are equally fast. I can keep one or return them both. What should I do?


It’s like ad copy for the bidet

13 Aug

Like a fox

13 Aug

This has been my craftiest summer. I got my sewing machine fixed at a repair shop that chose to demonstrate modern machine embroidery with a framed embroidered portrait of Burt Reynolds. I think it was that perfectly rendered mustache that inspired me to actually finish some projects. Check me out over here. I have also sewed a bikini and worn it. I was calling it my prairie bikini because it looks homemade and I thought I honored God by wearing it, but Darcy told me what I was really honoring was that noble beast the camel, particularly its toe. You have to take good care of friends like that. Or you may find yourself wandering the streets in nothing but uggs and back fat. So I will only wear it in the dark.

Now I’m in the middle of a purple polyester mini-dress. I have to hurry before my next vacation starts. Behold, from my most recent travels to Maine: sweater tourism.

friends in sweaters hugging