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Sweater Thursday LII

28 May

I want to make this as significant and heart-wrenching as possible. This appropriately belated post is the last of Sweater Thursday as we currently understand it. Are you crying, yet?
I am out of sweaters. Fifty-two! That represents a year of weeks! And, written in roman numerals, a phonetically accurate rendering of my last name. That’s never happened before. (Except maybe last week.) Both great milestones to quit on. In fact, I don’t really have a fifty-second sweater to share. But I wanted to get there in spirit, so instead I asked other people to let me wear their sweaters and be photographed. They humored me. Behold.

Mustard! She got it in a dollar bin! I am pretending to scan nothing.


I am focused on not ripping the seams of this tiny cropped cardigan.


I do not even attempt to button this one. You can tell I am at the desk of a superior because of the fancy chair.


Finally, something bigger than me. My instinct was to zip this classic zip cardigan all the way up, and it was wrong.


I helped cinnamon tingle move into a new place. This (marled? I wanted to call it marled.) sweater was on top of a pile so I helped myself. It’s blurry. I had three beers.

It’s okay if you want to relive it.


Sweater Thursday LI

7 May


A new cardigan! Excellent for making happy hour a civilized and sensible choice.

This morning on my way to work in my typical rainy day boots and skirt ensemble, I passed a man smirking in a wheelchair with a beagle on a leash. As I smiled upon his beagle, the man said, “Nice legs. Killer.”

(He was smoking a cigarette and I was listening to my iPod pretty loud (MIKA – Billy Brown), so really he could have said anything. I am choosing to accept a compliment that may or may not have been offered, and I’m saving it for another rainy day.)

Sweater Thursday L

30 Apr


OMG! We made it! Fifty glorious Thursdays of sweatering. I celebrated with a pastry at the bakery where I take cream in my coffee. If I need to explain why I look so happy, it’s because I am. I’m about to start my day with a perfect cinnamon bun served by a girl with the most perfect pony tail ever constructed. David, if you lived here, I would make you date her. Your babies would be so beautiful someone would have to drown them in a bucket. Spilling coffee on my lap did not get me down, nor even merit a napkin. Post-spill:


My day only got better/didn’t get worse. My lunch spot had my favorite spicy peanut soup and a bull dog out front that needed a scratch. And then there was a new Us Weekly to read at the gym. Now I know the secrets of the Obamas’ strong marriage.

Let’s give the sweater credit for this pretty great day: the brown BOATneck sister to this one. It’s woven for maximum relaxation and satisfaction!

I don’t want to declare the end of Sweater Thursday, yet, because, as we learned last week, never say never. But what a journey!

Sweater Thursday IL

23 Apr

cimg5677I took this picture in the locker room of my gym, post-shower. A few weeks ago I saw a girl in a sports bra taking pictures of herself in this same mirror. Perhaps she was just tracking her fitness goals, but I thought, people are getting dressed in here. This is not an appropriate place for cameras! I think I furrowed my brow at her. But then I did this. The lesson: never say never.

Is this cheap Target cardigan a repeat? I don’t know. I am too lazy to look it up. I have started belting everything and you can’t stop me.

Sweater Thursday XLVIII

16 Apr


On time! You weren’t expecting that. A loose weave cotton v-neck, best for beaches and boats. With little chance of encountering either today, I chose to capture it with coffee outside on a warmish morning. I really had to dig for this one. Can we make it to 50?? I know! I want to tell my newly employed twenty-three year old self to lay off the clicking finger. If only I could send her a postcard: “When you have the urge to add something to your shopping cart, employ these strategies: Go for a walk instead. Read something uplifting/crushing. Close your browser and fix a snack. Email object of desire to a friend, subject line, ‘This would like great on you!’ Go get drunk with the money you just saved. Or, you know, leave it in the bank. For me.”

Since I brought up beachiness in the third sentence, I give you this guy from my Florida trip. Where is your neck?


Sweater Thursday XLIV

26 Feb

cimg5362I actually wore this sweater dress to work today but I have been lounging in this one for about 6 hours, so I say it counts. It’s a black turtle that I accidently washed on warm. Now I have another cropped one on my hands.

Barely pictured, propping me up: a new pillow from Target! Extra firm for side sleepers. I love bedtime again.

Not pictured: my new haircut. The jury is still out.

Sweater Thursday XLIII

25 Feb

I’m submitting this just hours before Sweater Thursday XLIV begins. Last week was busy and I forgot it was Thursday and I got caught in a repeat sweater dress. But this time, I wore it over jeans.

cimg5328I’m 28 now. This dress is truly too short for honest business and this is how I make it legal. I know some people have strong feelings about dresses over jeans but it feels so good. What side are you on?