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Welcome to my bistro

11 Jul

This is my new patio. I am currently serving strawberry-basil-vodka-lemonade. The instructions are pretty much revealed in the title, but I know you want to replicate this scene so I will keep sharing.

1. Get a patio.

2. Get a crummy book which you are skimming to finish.

3. Throw a pint of strawberries in the blender, or the closest thing you have to a blender.

4. Muddle a handful of basil with a couple of strawberries and some Tanqueray* vodka. And some lemon juice if your lemon isn’t rotten. My approach to muddling is that it’s just like it sounds.

5. To a container you can drink out of, combine one part vodka muddle with one part strawberry puree. Fill with lemonade. Add ice if your freezer makes ice. Mine does not.

6. Take a sip. Say “This ain’t boozy enough,” outloud to no one, and add more vodka. Add basil, too, to make that last step seem like a culinary decision.

7. Sit, drink, pretend to read.

*because that’s what Darcy drinks