Strange and wonderful things

13 Jun

I’m having a hard week. I want to wallow and grouch. But I just caught up on Glee and I learned:

1. Don’t try to build a relationship with a teenage daughter you gave up for adoption even if you want to and she wants to and you live in the same town.

2. Do try to get out of a funk.

So let’s look at things that made me smile recently.

Misinterpreting our order for “pancakes,” the kitchen made “mickey-mouse pancakes.” The ears were on the house!

A dead lizard was discovered in the trunk of a car that has not been south of Ohio for five years. It remains.

Fresh golden baby spiders.

Fresh golden baby human.

This little dog.


One Response to “Strange and wonderful things”

  1. Jane 06/13/10 at 8:14 am #

    Send me your address and I will mail you a care package! That always makes me feel less grouchy. 🙂

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