Sweater Thursday L

30 Apr


OMG! We made it! Fifty glorious Thursdays of sweatering. I celebrated with a pastry at the bakery where I take cream in my coffee. If I need to explain why I look so happy, it’s because I am. I’m about to start my day with a perfect cinnamon bun served by a girl with the most perfect pony tail ever constructed. David, if you lived here, I would make you date her. Your babies would be so beautiful someone would have to drown them in a bucket. Spilling coffee on my lap did not get me down, nor even merit a napkin. Post-spill:


My day only got better/didn’t get worse. My lunch spot had my favorite spicy peanut soup and a bull dog out front that needed a scratch. And then there was a new Us Weekly to read at the gym. Now I know the secrets of the Obamas’ strong marriage.

Let’s give the sweater credit for this pretty great day: the brown BOATneck sister to this one. It’s woven for maximum relaxation and satisfaction!

I don’t want to declare the end of Sweater Thursday, yet, because, as we learned last week, never say never. But what a journey!


2 Responses to “Sweater Thursday L”

  1. wb001i 04/30/09 at 8:15 pm #

    I have something special planned for a big blowout sweater event next week.

  2. jobonga 04/30/09 at 8:22 pm #

    I’m nervous!

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