My special day

31 Jan


[Card courtesy of the nerdess]

I had a birthday last week. I have 28 years now. If I were to graph trends related to getting older, one of the factors on an upward sweep at this point is the baking skills of my friends. I have fond memories of the box cakes in college, but lime-coconut cupcakes from scratch? Expert blueberry pie, still warm? A noble attempt at profiteroles despite being short a few ingredients? I’m feeling good about this.

Another upward trend: the resourcefulness of my friends. I got some good loot. Highlights follow.

A book of postcards…


with such gems as…


Documented underboob, which I immediately turned into a magnet to keep the other chick company on the fridge. I now have an underboob collection. I imagine it will grow.


A check from my sister with this memo: For rat film production.



I know. It’s amazing. He sneers at me while I make coffee in the morning. And because of a mirror on the opposite wall, he does it again when I walk in the front door.


W and The Kee made the long cold journey to my city and state and I finally got in on the ground floor of some of their inside jokes. Most the activities I planned for us fell through. I made them promise to go snowshoeing no matter how cold it was but at -7F it was, in fact, too cold. The Miss America Pageant viewing I had lined up for Saturday night was a bust because my landlords canceled the cable. Luckily there was plenty of entertainment to be had from the Kee’s new snuggie to fill the void.


Another positive: because they were maybe getting a little stir-crazy, they were more receptive to bad ideas, like giving Whitney a faux hawk. At one point it looked as bad as this.


He stressed out a tiny bit but at some point, though it never really got much better, he seemed to change his mind about it. Here is he completely at home with his pony hawk.


My tree-house apartment seems almost too big without them, but I find comfort in the empty snuggie box and the puddle of human hair on my porch.


5 Responses to “My special day”

  1. schmatie 01/31/09 at 9:38 am #

    Oh, that was goooood.

  2. tommy 01/31/09 at 10:12 am #

    the guy in the e-card looks like W, a gayer version of W.

  3. wb001i 01/31/09 at 11:24 am #

    It’s everything I hoped it would be.

    Also, don’t listen to that kitten.

    And, that guy doesn’t look anything like me.

    In addition, the underboob gets some good coverage over at rude not to. I don’t know that guy, but I read his blog sometimes.

  4. radioloveless 01/31/09 at 5:42 pm #

    In regards to the ART section, WOW.

  5. DARCY 02/1/09 at 2:43 pm #

    I want a print of the three of us. My birthday is coming up. Just FYI.

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