Sweater Thursday XXXVIII

16 Jan

cimg5003-copyI chose my warmest sweater for the coldest day. It’s kind of weirdly shrunken and big at the same time and rides way up in the back. Sometimes I get too bold with the washing machine.

I made people come over for dinner just to break in my new TV trays. Katie gave them to me for Christmas, I think inspired by this post from over a year ago. Amazing. I can’t stop being excited about them. And I think my table manners are bound to improve with my plate off my lap. Just look how happy Cinnamon Tingle is with the eating arrangements. Or it’s the brand new coffee-bean-cabled-turtleneck sweater. Or she is humoring me so she can get back to her wine.


I made polenta for my guests and I was feeling pretty good about it when that first picture was taken but it turned out later I forgot two ingredients, including the cheese. Ug. When have I ever forgotten the cheese? But fried up and broiled with cheese on top? Good enough.

I know it’s boring to talk about the weather but let’s go back to that part. Today was negative twenty something degrees. That means my overheated apartment is probably exactly 100 degrees warmer than the snowscape outside.

Some math:

78F – -22F = 100 (Remember subtraction with negative numbers? It’s a little tricky.)

It’s just so… cold. And I want Heidi to know I wore tights today (2 pairs) and I’m still smug about it.


2 Responses to “Sweater Thursday XXXVIII”

  1. Heidi 01/17/09 at 3:17 pm #

    I can’t handle your sacrifices for style. I wore tights too, under my pants.

  2. sister katie 01/22/09 at 3:45 pm #

    wow, those ultra-retro-post-modern-modern tv trays look really nice in your apartment. glad the 2 for 1 deal unexpectedly came through so you can force guests to eat things without cheese on them…

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