This = human contact

17 Dec

I’m sick: rattly chest + snot head. And I am in the death throes of finishing a final paper that was due TUESDAY. I probably seem like someone who hands in papers late, I certainly cut it close, but I never do that. As soon as I turn it in, I graduate. Done forever. Why am I stalling? Maybe it’s a little of this:

gradschool[courtesy of Seelander]

The only people I’ve spoken to in the last 36 hours are the pizza delivery guy and my sister Meghan. Is it sad that blogging feels like talking? Because I have some pent up sharing to do.

1. I drank two liters of Diet Coke in under two hours and I have yet to pee. I think that equals two big gulps and also the definition of dehydration.

2. Have you seen the new nickels? I have no idea when they began circulating, but it startled me when I first saw one in a handful of change. He’s looking right at you. And if you put two next to each other like this it’s like he just turned his head. Creepy!


3. This video. The choreography is goofy, and I do not get the robot arm thing, but it kind of makes you want to strap on a leotard and heels. Right?

4. Second annual Ebay Secret Santa is underway. So far I haven’t won any excess muppets, but it’s not going well. My palms are sweaty. I hope you’re excited for the big blog reveal on xmas day.


3 Responses to “This = human contact”

  1. wb001i 12/17/08 at 11:43 pm #

    They’ve been doing all kinds of things to the nickel lately.

    I’m glad we just had that fleeting voice contact.

  2. Leigha Colclasure 12/19/08 at 1:15 pm #

    1) that nickel thing is creepy
    2) despite it being odd, B seems very very in love with the choreography b/c I saw it on Sat night live (twice), then on the AMAs, then in the video… change it up just a tinch darlin!
    3) I miss you – so much so that I had a dream about you and W last night. You told me that you weren’t friends with me b/c I am getting married to R. I told you to screw off. hope that isn’t really why you aren’t friends with me. perhaps it is because I am just not as much fun as you originally thought I was. that is okay. b/c I am not.
    4) I hope that you get a job and have an awesome holiday.

  3. jobonga 12/24/08 at 4:51 pm #

    Wait, so we’re not friends? You know I always feel safer when Rick is around. You were in my dream last night. Whitney and I stopped by your house and you fed us cookies and soda.
    Thanks for the job-hopes. I am hoping also.

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