In which I use ALL CAPS to boss you into clicking links

26 Sep

Here are some compelling reasons to love the internet. Maybe you know them all, maybe you don’t. (I already shared some of them in my Google reader, if we’re friends there.)

Radio Lab Podcast. I will seriously tear up talking about this because it’s sooOOOo goOOOd. It’s like the very best of This American Life, but SCIENCE. And never douchey. Lucia and 11 frogs told me about it a few months ago when I asked for recommendations and I tore through their archives immediately. I have a crush on Jad Abumrad. A big one. They are two months away from the next season and for now just releasing short pieces.

The Morning News. Links to other news sites but they also write their own stuff. My favorite features are the advice column, The Non-Expert (GO READ How To Say I Love You YOU WILL LOL) and the Letters From section. Right now Rosecrans Baldwin is writing from Paris and Jil Wheeler from Mumbai. I signed Whitney up for their map quiz and I think he won something already.

Sweet Juniper. Husband and wife blogging team. Where the Fleet Foxes cover I posted came from. I want them to invite me over to dinner.

A Cup of Tea and a Wheat Penny. Actually, the Fleet Foxes cover came from here and Sweet Juniper linked to that. So I just started reading it. Pretty great.

Grace Undressed. Former exotic dancer trying to quit the business. She can write.

Pandora. Okay, I know, everyone knows about Pandora. But it saved me while my ipod was broken and the channel I created (Fleet Foxes + Andrew Bird) led me to Slowreader. TRY Politics Music and Drugs – VERY CATCHY.

I can’t get enough of this album cover. I wish I had a poster for my room. I am weak for wet beards.


2 Responses to “In which I use ALL CAPS to boss you into clicking links”

  1. Darcy 10/15/08 at 11:00 am #

    you aren’t supposed to admit you like hairy backs. You are just supposed to deal with it after you discover it after you have been roped in.

  2. jobonga 10/15/08 at 9:09 pm #

    When did I say I like hairy backs? That is libel, Darcy.

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