Another club I wish I could join

6 Jun

I was browsing through another library’s site for work and I found a photograph collection for The Book of SOYP.

In 1919, David Whitcomb, president of Rainier National Park Company, and Tom Martin, general manager, came up with the idea to cache supplies at Paradise Inn on Mt. Rainier before the road was blocked with snow and to return after the new year with a group of friends who loved the outdoors. Calling themselves the Tribe of SOYP (Socks Outside Your Pants), the group first had an outing in February, 1920, and met annually thereafter.

Where was I in 1919? Did they really wear socks outside their pants? Yes they did.

Here’s a picture someone cataloged as “Nine men throwing George Hall up in the air from a stretched-out blanket.”


3 Responses to “Another club I wish I could join”

  1. Hehnly 06/21/08 at 8:02 am #

    that is hysterical…

  2. Blitzzen 02/11/12 at 8:55 pm #

    This club still exists and just had a run to Schweitzer in Idaho for a weekend. They seem to be known for their love of beer and skiing these days.

    • dancer 02/13/12 at 8:37 pm #

      We ran into them last weekend too. They had a crazy initiation for new members. Their Chief was a fabulous man. Would love to play with them again.

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