Must be time for a roadtrip

22 May

I need to tell you about my car. It finally works. At least it did yesterday. Apparently I’ve found the shadiest mechanics in the Midwest, but each one is slightly better than the one before. I know this is a boring subject, but here’s a run down of the last four visits.

Mechanic 1, Kankakee, IL: Installs new battery after it died in Kankakee.
I barely make it home. Battery light is on again.

Mechanic 2, Iowa City, IA: “Who the hell installed this battery? Did you do this? We fixed it. I promise you will make it to Madison, no problem.”
I drive to Madison, battery dies again.

Mechanic 3, Madison, WI: “Really? Someone looked at your car yesterday and they didn’t notice your toasted alternator?”
New alternator. I barely make it home again. Battery light is on again.

Mechanic 4, Iowa City, IA: “This alternator is crap. It’s overcharging your battery. We found a bunch of other stuff wrong, too.”
I got a new alternator, which was mostly on the house because NAPA guaranteed the part. They also took out a fuse for my interior lights because they were constantly draining the battery. But that fuse happened to also power my radio. Not acceptable. So they took the lightbulbs out instead. Simplest solution = best.

Do I have a car problem or a mechanic problem? Or is it me? Am I not using my big girl voice?


One Response to “Must be time for a roadtrip”

  1. Nick 05/22/08 at 10:56 am #

    Mechanics offer suffer from the same kind of snobby activity that librarians do, i.e. they are able to make normally smart people feel stupid. Considering the problems you have had with this car I would recommend, if possible, you just get a new one or a really nice bike.

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