Six random things

24 Apr

Well shit. I’ve been tagged by NerdGirlBlogging and now I must reveal six random things about me. I think this is called a meme.

1. I had an imaginary friend named Lucky. She had short blond hair and she wasn’t very nice to me.

2. I don’t mind running five miles in the rain but when I’m in a car I hate reaching for stuff in the back seat from the front seat. It’s so hard. Also folding maps.

3. I think the greatest invention of the 20th century was probably the tampon, though I’ve never tried the moon cup.

4. I don’t jump very high.

5. Are you afraid of rabid dogs? Deep, dark water? I am terrified of being trapped upside-down because I have weak veins and low blood pressure and within a few seconds my brains start exploding into my sinuses.

6. I see no reason to wear pants in my apartment. Optional.

I am tagging:

1. Mad Nerdess
2. The Cheese Rind
3. A-Dog (Whose blog I am not permitted to read. You probably aren’t either.) El Scorcho
4. Fuzz
5. Lucia
6. Loud

I saw two horrific bugs in my kitchen sink this week. I thought maybe they were silverfish but after some research I identified them as house centipedes. Watch out. That’s their “carnage” page of poor bugs that were smooshed by ignorant humans. I didn’t feel sorrow or pity when I scrolled through the pictures, though, I felt bugs crawling all over me.

I am usually bug-neutral to bug-friendly but I cannot suffer a house centipede to live. The extra freaky long antennaes. The wormy body. I pour hot water on them and then spray them with bleach. On Earth Day. I don’t even like typing about it. The only reason I am is because I think they are close cousins to the freakish bug the Moderatilist trapped under a jar in college. And he left it there in the middle of the kitchen floor with a note on the jar that said “Look at this bug!” But I didn’t see the note and kicked the jar and severed some part of the bug. Maybe the thorax.


3 Responses to “Six random things”

  1. wb 04/24/08 at 1:26 am #

    My imaginary friend was called BoomBoom. He used to use all the soap. My how things have changed.

    I would rather run 5 miles in the rain than not.

  2. Hehnly 04/25/08 at 1:09 pm #

    I have those bugs too, I go around vacuuming them, but they are fast! So I end up chasing them around the apartment. I think they come out of the drain. One was on my bed last night. I hate them.

  3. wb 04/28/08 at 4:16 pm #

    I can’t get the mooncup out of my head. I keep imagining women I see wearing(?) them. I may have to just stop leaving my apartment soon. I hate that you brought this device to my attention.

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