Old news

8 Apr

I’ve been meaning to post more stuff from my spring break in Madison with the cheese, the nerd, and lucia which happened weeks ago. Back when it was still snowing outside. Now it’s all sunshine and songbirds all the time.

1. Balderdash. You are familiar with the game. Someone reads an obscure word, everyone makes up a definition, and then you have to try to choose the correct one. I saved some of my favorite definitions. Which definition is real?

sny – the underbelly of an amphibian

sny – the house of worship of a heretical organization

sny – secretly unkind

noop – the sharp point of the elbow

boluliform – having one bulbous end

wallygowdy – one’s condition after overindulging in food and drink

2. Breakfast scrabble.

Whitney says RELAX

Believe it or not, this was my first experience with Breakfast Scrabble. You don’t keep score and you can play dubious words that might start a fight in a regular game. I will never be the same again. Here you can see my off the board play, JUICE. (And my noop in the corner.)


Apparently I went too far, even for breakfast rules. After it was documented, I was forced to remove it. Also notice the upside down plays in the northwest corner. The best part of this game was when an attractive young waitress stopped by to say she loved Scrabble, too, and to see if we had played any good words. And Whitney immediately said, “Well, there’s FLOATER, that’s always a classic.” And she seemed vaguely uncomfortable and walked away.

3. Easter eggs. Here’s a creepy one Whitney did. If you want to see what inspired it, google goddess bunny. But don’t really. Don’t!

bunny egg

Here is my best egg.

best egg

Darcy’s best can be seen here.

4. Glorious cheese from Fromagination. Forgive them their name, they are generous with samples.

cheese and mustard


2 Responses to “Old news”

  1. wb 04/8/08 at 10:40 pm #

    tap… tap… tap, tap… tap…

  2. Jill 04/8/08 at 11:19 pm #

    Balderdash is good, but Beyond Balderdash is even better.
    I like this Breakfast Scrabble idea. Unfortunately there is usually no one in my apartment when I eat breakfast, so I’m not sure it would be much fun. Maybe I’ll just play Breakfast Scrabbulous.

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