When your car is a lemon, make JUICE.

24 Mar


I’m stranded in Madison until my car is fixed. Let’s not talk about that. Let’s talk about the huge favor Whitney did me when he left my headlights on.

I don’t think my battery would have survived the trip under any circumstances. My alternator is “toast.” So I got an extra night in Madison instead of in a corn field. Also, according to a barrage of Hawk Alerts and phone calls from my parents, there’s a gunman running around Iowa City today. His license plate is 501 BLO which the text-reader in the early morning phone call pronounced as 501 “blow.” Is it okay if I think that part is funny?

[ETA: Turns out it was a sad sad thing. How can money/shame matter that much? Go ahead and kill yourself if you have to, but let your family fend for themselves. I’m sure they could have managed without you.]

Instead of stalling in a corn field or hiding from a killer:

I went for a run with Whitney and we worked on our heel clicks. Well on our way to America’s Best Dance Crew. [Next step: Master lady flips.]

We hit the Easter candy. I taught him to apply Robin’s Eggs like lip gloss.


Then we finished the NY Times crossword puzzle. Sunday edition! Damn!


One Response to “When your car is a lemon, make JUICE.”

  1. Darcy 03/24/08 at 2:39 pm #

    Even with camera tricks, the mustache is still unacceptable,

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