Sweater Thursday XVII.

26 Feb

I want credit for wearing and documenting a sweater last Thursday, even though it’s now closer to next Thursday. This isn’t my favorite sweater because it’s cotton and I prefer wool and wool-blends, but I can’t argue with its cable-knittedness nor the three-quarter sleeves (not pictured).

I usually spend Thursday evenings at a bar. People are starting to protest when I whip out my camera with its ultrabright flash, but I can’t help it; it warms my heart when they all wear sweaters. Maybe they’re just trying to survive another day of winter. Or maybe they are thinking about Sweater Thursday when they wake up Thursday morning. It’s catching.

A glimpse of argyle.

Bonus points for the graphic tee.

Red cardigan. Great with beer.

There’s a sweater in there.

And under the table shots (by Shawn) from two Thursdays ago.

These boots are hot but all I can see is the gum stuck to the table. Who is doing that??

It reminds me of a pretty traumatizing incident that happened when I was an intern which I am about to share with you. Read on. I spent all summer in an office chair that was too short for me and in the last week I worked there, someone offered to show me how to adjust it and I politely let her, though, with mere days to go, it was a moot point. She flipped the chair over and the underside was COVERED with boogers. Just thinking about it gives me that pukey feeling in my mouth. All that time I was just inches away from someone else’s ungodly and, apparently compulsive, booger habit. I think this is a strong case for ignorance=bliss.


4 Responses to “Sweater Thursday XVII.”

  1. shawn 02/26/08 at 10:42 pm #

    thanks. i’ll never touch the underside of a chair again.

  2. Lucia 02/27/08 at 9:22 am #

    I wish I hadn’t read on.

    Similar situations have happened to me on airplanes when touching the underside of the armrest.

  3. Mary Clare / Fuzz 02/27/08 at 10:56 am #

    Hi Joanna, nice to meet you. I enjoy reading your blog.

    This booger/chair thing is amazing – it made me silent laugh.

  4. wb 02/27/08 at 2:10 pm #

    wow, Fuzz, you are a creepy interneter.

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