Sweater Thursday XVI: Community edition.

8 Feb

Shawn believes in the power of boots. I believe in the power of sweaters. Today started out pretty shitty but ultimately sweater-wearing people took the day back and we were rewarded with a free pitcher of beer, just for looking like “young people having a good time.”

To start, a graph of my day:


(If this graph was actually legible, you’d notice that around 7:00 pm I learned I should have saved it in a different format that would not render it illegible.) Now, the sweaters that helped turn the day around. First, Courtney in a hand-knit number and the Taco Instructor standing by in a sunny number for a snowy day.


Next, Jane and Chris in stripes. Note the broken popcorn machine in the background (see dip in graph, approximately 9pm) and, barely visible, the coveted Little Penguin logo Chris is sporting.


It just gets better. Here Shawn rocks out to Bruce Springsteen, Cover Me, in a hand-knit green dream. I keep The Boss on my iPod for moments like these. The rest of us are rocking out to the band covering Let’s Get It On.


This is about when the free pitcher arrived.


And finally, Jason looking dignified in a crewneck, but in fact he is bitching about a trip to the mall.


He volunteered for a guest edition of Saturday Socks, but I forget who he would sock. Jason, please leave a comment detailing your socking.


And the surprise shot of the evening: two chicks frolicking in the snow in bikinis. They must be kicking themselves for forgetting their sweaters.  Hard to see. They are running from the camera.



6 Responses to “Sweater Thursday XVI: Community edition.”

  1. wb 02/8/08 at 9:30 am #

    The graph of my day just skyrocketed.

  2. shawn 02/8/08 at 10:24 am #

    i love a good avocado spike to my day

  3. ngtlindsay 02/18/08 at 6:07 pm #

    Is Amber the Taco Instructor? P.S. I really like your graph – I might have to start charting my days also.

  4. jobonga 02/18/08 at 6:53 pm #

    Oh no! You just linked Amber’s real name with her Taco name. I hope this won’t hurt her professionally.

  5. Jill 02/23/11 at 12:07 am #

    Your current post led me here and made me sad. We clearly need a SLIS reunion. Or a database of everyone’s current stati and locations. You can’t see me, but my finger is on my nose. Not it.


  1. Who and a hat? « jobonga - 02/22/11

    […] Then he used a microphone to reveal his Scottish brogue and I got so excited I punched Jason (of the socks). His name is Kenny. Let’s look at his profile on the band’s […]

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