Sweater Thursday XV.

24 Jan


This picture was taken without a flash. I must have opened my intensely glowing eyes too wide and overexposed it. I hate when that happens. I have a funny story about overexposure. It’s all coming back to me. Back when I was an engineer, I was assigned to the worst lab partner in a personal history of crappy lab partners. I like to think that always happened to me because teachers like to pair smart kids (like me) with the dumb ones. I don’t remember his name but I think it was pronounced like bag-of-rocks. The worst lab partner and I had to make a pin hole camera and take a picture with it, then develop the film. It was supposed to be a very easy, “fun” project but we were there for hours. The film was kept in the darkroom in a magic envelope that light cannot penetrate. He thought the red light of the darkroom was too dark so he turned on the regular light and exposed our film. It was the last piece of film so the TA gave us a new envelope and lectured us about how expensive it was. After waiting in line for the dark room again, I successfully put new film in our camera and covered up the pinhole, but he left the new stack of film out on the counter and exposed all of it. TA was not happy. We took a picture of something dumb in the hallway and I thought we were at least making progress until he opened up the camera on the way to the darkroom and ruined the film.

We had just one more lab together before he dropped the course, but he managed to blow my mind all over again. During that lab, he asked me if we were supposed to use hydrogenated water or carbonated water. When I looked at him blankly, he pointed to the H and C on the faucets. HOT or COLD.

Back to the sweater, it’s a v-neck black cardigan. I like to wear it unbuttoned.

3 Responses to “Sweater Thursday XV.”

  1. shawn 01/24/08 at 4:07 pm #

    what are you talking about? i love this photo! you look like a catalog model. (and not lands end)

  2. wb 01/24/08 at 5:58 pm #

    This photo makes me look forward to still being single on my 31st birthday.

  3. Darcy 01/25/08 at 9:51 am #

    Can I be a bridesmaid? I will wear a less fetching sweater than you on that day.

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