Secret Santa revealed!

25 Dec

Today is Christmas which means, among other things, I was finally allowed to open the present from my secret Santa. The participants were The Moderatalist, The Cheese Rind, and The Mad Nerdess. We had to buy our presents on ebay and blog about what we got. I was gifted with this very special magnet.


The identity of my Santa was revealed in the gift, but I think I could have guessed. Only David truly understands my thing for underboob. Thanks, David! My dad’s reaction when I showed it to him: “That’s kind of unusual.” Indeed. I’d say it’s one of a kind. I think I will put her in charge of notes to myself on my fridge. I might even write them inside of talky bubbles. She will say things like “Lay off the pudding, fatty.”

This is nice. But my favorite present this year was the gift I sent myself on facebook: a date with Gerard Butler with a note that said, “I hear he likes you.”

Merry Christmas. Hope all of your shawl-collared dreams came true.


4 Responses to “Secret Santa revealed!”

  1. wb 12/25/07 at 1:08 pm #

    Look at those thighs! Yum!

  2. wb 12/28/07 at 12:57 am #

    I come back to look at this magnet at least twice a day.


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