The answer is none. None more paranoid.

13 Nov

Today being Tuesday, it’s Essay Tuesday. This Tuesday’s topic is “What would the world be like if it was only populated by people exactly like you for the last 2 million years? (Social norms, architecture, advances in science, economics, the angles are endless.) Creationists may start with Adam/Eve if they insist on being ridiculous.” This topic was my idea and it seemed like a cool idea but in fact I’m struggling with it. Could it be that I have overindulged in self-indulgence? I don’t think that’s it. Only one person has posted so far so it must be lame or everyone thinks I am lame and my Essay Tuesday topic can go to hell.

Was my “Who Are My People” essay too aggressive? Did I talk too much pumpkin smack? Do I persist in making you uncomfortable with the who would I do and a hat feature? Is my blog a loud, drunk man who’s trying to tell you why all women are cheating bitches and you just want to dance with your friends? And, if my WordPress stats are correct, PS – why does no one ever click my links? Do you not trust me because I keep sending you to YouTube while you’re at work? Don’t you want to know why Buble has mommy issues? I’ve watched it at least 8 times just to hear him say “mummies”. Cliiiiiiiiiiiiick it. CLICKIT CLIK IT!

I need some validation. Please go hug me on facebook. I will be writing my essay.


2 Responses to “The answer is none. None more paranoid.”

  1. Darcy 11/14/07 at 11:22 pm #

    I had written you a lovely comment, but it apparently didn’t show up. I did hug you on facebook though.

  2. Leigha 11/26/07 at 1:58 pm #

    I am glad someone else is paranoid too.

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