Some late entries.

1 Nov


Okay, so I win the pumpkin contest by default because nobody else posted anything. Rather than feeling a little sheepish that no one came to my party, I have decided to feel victorious.

However, I definitely did not carve the best pumpkin. I think Shawn kind of had me beat and now I just got three late entries in my inbox. They can’t win because they don’t have blogs and I think there’s a clause about family members being ineligible but I think you will enjoy them.

From Tony:

We are enjoying your blog and the pictures of your pumpkins.  [I didn’t have to include that plug for my blog but I did.] They are most excellent.  However, I believe ours may give you a run for the money.


The first entrant is Livingston’s ‘Melancholy Pumpkin’.


This is Katie’s entry.  Called ‘Ghost With Goggles’.  I think he is a
very fast flier.  That’s why he needs goggles.


…and this is my entry.  Interestingly, you and I both went for the one-eyed pumpkin.  I strongly feel that the art movement for pumpkins is leading in this direction.  The truly gifted pumpkin carvers always emerge as leaders in these times.  I call him ‘Happy Cyclops’  He is the pumpkin that ate Ulysses.


One Response to “Some late entries.”

  1. mB 11/1/07 at 12:49 am #

    I like your pumpkin. It’s cute!

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