No contest.

26 Oct

I’m off to vote this guy for Iowa City Council. Not only does he have a well-designed blog full of smart, sensible ideas in candid-sounding prose, he’s the only candidate with any decent content on the web. I did not enjoy the flashing text on Matt Hayek’s crappy website. (One of the things Hayek lists as qualifying him to be my community leader is that he once saved a man’s life with CPR. That’s just melodramatic. I do have a fear of choking so he might have won me over with the Heimlich maneuver.)

AND on his issues page, other candidate Terry Smith includes both a link to the site that supports the initiative banning the under 21 crowd from bars and the site against it. Perhaps he just wants me to educate myself about this ballot thing before I vote, but I won’t stand for his flip-floppy tactics (nor teenagers in the bars).

So if you’re against crappy site design and you don’t mind intellectual freedom, libraries, or candid rhetoric, vote for Mike Wright!

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3 Responses to “No contest.”

  1. Mike Wright 11/25/07 at 10:04 pm #

    Thanks! Clearly, I must lay credit for victory at your feet 🙂 Seriously, I appreciate the nice press and my Webmaster was pleased with your praise.


  2. Leigha 11/27/07 at 9:11 am #

    you even got him to leave you a comment! you rock.


  1. I did this. « jobonga - 11/9/07

    […] did this. Mike Wright wins! And Jobonga played a key role. (Look under blogs.) Wooo […]

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