Do chickens have knees?

24 Oct


I created this little guy in class tonight and I wanted to share him with you. I call him pirate chicken mug. I think he would look pretty mean on a pumpkin.

Speaking of mean pumpkin carving, consider yourself officially challenged to a jack-o-lantern contest. All carved pumpkins should be revealed on Halloween Day. There are no rules except that the pumpkin has to be real. Should we have a theme? That might be too constricting, but I think we are creative people and we could all do great things with “sex on a pumpkin” or “zombies and babies.” What do you think?

(I finally have a trickling creek of a wireless connection in my own home now so you can look forward to more frequent high-quality posts like this one, especially when I have more important things to do.)

Edited to add: Courtesy of BoingBoing, here is a link to an ill-titled cookbook. It makes me LOL.


2 Responses to “Do chickens have knees?”

  1. sister katie 10/25/07 at 7:15 am #

    jobonga – this chicken mug is eerily similar to a megan-lyle-esque angry chicken. while it is missing the spiraled eyes, sharp teeth, and multiple sets of toes, you should still be woried about copyright infringement….

  2. Darcy 10/25/07 at 9:40 am #

    Sex on a pumpkin. That is good. Too bad i am going to a sex toy party where i might procure some phallics, on friday of that week. Ugh. I will have to come up with something good out of my own creativity starved mind.

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