I will detox tomorrow.

14 Aug

I just spent ten glorious days in California and I can’t wait to post the picture evidence that my life can still be fun sometimes. However, my camera went dead within the first 4 days so I don’t have much to share. I did purchase some very large sunglasses to rock so anyone who passes me on the street gets to share that. I also kicked my DDP habit but I used tequila to help wean myself. Did you know I am going out for margaritas tonight? Because I am.

I am in Boston this week and bummed about that. Yes you can hold a grudge against an entire city when it fails you. I am here to make some cash and you can’t always shake your ass for cash. Sometimes you have to drink coffee and wear pants like everyone else. I’m going to get through it, though, because I am listening to freshly downloaded MIKA while everyone else in my work station (Bruegger’s) has to listen to Mariah Carey.

2 Responses to “I will detox tomorrow.”

  1. Darcy 08/14/07 at 7:25 pm #

    Don’t suck too hard on your lollipop while you are there, or love is gonna get you down.


  1. California pictures. « jobonga - 09/14/07

    […] As promised, I present you with the first 2.5 days of my trip to California, captured before my battery died. […]

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