How did they know?

29 Jun

I got this little gem in the mail the other day. Yes, it’s on my fridge but only because I was saving it for you. It was my first piece of junk mail in Iowa City which is doubly disturbing. I must be in the librarian-spinster demographic now, targeted for my closet baby obsession which will eventually be manifested in a creepy collection of dolls or cats that I talk to.

Baby Emmy!

They don’t even pretend like you’re going to keep her in the box. “Tiny Miracle Emmy has every feature of a So Truly Real (that’s a registered trademark) baby doll. From her Real Touch (also trademarked) vinyl skin (our exclusive formula) to her softly curled, micro-rooted hair, wispy eyelashes, and tiny, hand-painted fingernails, “Emmy” is so life-like! When you hold her and cuddle her, she feels almost real.”

Can be yours!


One Response to “How did they know?”

  1. Darcy 06/29/07 at 8:55 pm #

    And, for only 59.99. Its a steal.

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