Pure Gold.

28 Jun

I went to a lovely wedding 2 weeks ago and I managed to both bring my camera and take pictures. I got a few dark, badly-framed pictures of the bride and groom and the cake and all that. And then everyone started to get a little sweaty from dancing and red-faced from drinking and I know I took some first-rate drink pics. At some point I realized my camera didn’t have a strap anymore and that totally blew my mind.

As I was leaving I spotted a camera on a table that looked just like mine (with a strap!) just as some lady reached for it. And of course it was my camera and we traded back so that she had my pictures (and zero battery life) and I had hers. She said she had to get her pictures back because her parents had been fighting and she took a bunch of them dancing together and they were pure gold and might help nudge them back together. We shared email addresses and after specifying that hers was yahoo.ca, not yahoo.com, she rolled her eyes and said, “Get this. My husband is French Canadian.” And Haskell said, “Oh, I’m so sorry,” because that seemed appropriate and she said, “We’re working on it,” like he was potty-training or something.

Here, the estranged husband and wife find their spark.


Oh no! He tried to grab her ass. He blew it!



One Response to “Pure Gold.”

  1. Darcy 06/29/07 at 8:53 pm #

    I especially like the stain on his pants, near the crotch.

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