In which rambling takes a gronk.*

12 Jun

Iowa Public Library

So, I’m at the Iowa Public Library. It’s where I hang out. The floors are shiny. The wireless is free and, unlike home, totally functional, the librarians have my back during tornadoes, and they have a liberal stance on snacks by library standards. I specifically asked them about their snack policy when I signed up for my card because I don’t like to break rules. There is a vending machine but it’s in its own room with little tables and a closed door which seems to say your cheeto fingers must not leave this room. But it turns that it’s okay to snack anywhere “as long as you don’t make a mess.” They don’t even mind the crunching. Just wipe your hands on your pants before you turn the page.

Encouraged, I took a snack break. I was going for Diet Dr. Pepper (DDP), my drink these days – it’s delicious with popcorn! Really washes down the butter! They don’t carry DDP in the vending machine room but I was able to choose between Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi. From the same machine. It wanted to know WHOSE TEAM R U ON? It was not easy to decide because even though just weeks ago I discovered Diet Pepsi can be delicious after years of Pepsi-bashing, I haven’t finishing mapping out the hierarchy of refreshment, yet.

I know Diet Coke in a can trumps Diet Pepsi in a can, while Diet Pepsi trumps Diet Coke as a fountain beverage in a paper cup. But this machine had bottles and I have no idea which is better in a bottle since I think bottles are only good for Mountain Dew and Sprite, but I wanted a brown soda so I decided to give Diet Pepsi a chance. It’s not bad. I’m drinking it now. I’m predicting that it’s better than Diet Coke in a bottle because that’s so worthless, but I am etching this in my mind so that I can do a comparison tomorrow. Of course DDP trumps everything. This is scientific method at its best.

*gronk – the last in a series of wrong turns. I was going to title this, “in which rambling takes a turn for the worse” as a way of bracing you for the worthlessness of this post, but I decided to save it with this $40 vocabulary word courtesy of Whitney.

3 Responses to “In which rambling takes a gronk.*”

  1. Darcy 06/15/07 at 8:20 am #

    DDP is the best, but it is too fizzy straight from the bottle for my taste, it must be served on ice and lots of it.
    As for your expt, you should be blinded…. i don’t know if your conclusions are scientifically sound otherwise. seriously joanna, consider your variables! ha.

  2. wb 06/21/07 at 3:28 pm #

    Oh, Darcy’s tastebuds are too delicate for the straight-from-the-bottle fizz. What a surprise. Also, why did she need to abbrviate ‘experiment’?

    On another note, I found myself at the gronk twice this past weekend. This was bittersweet for while I do love the sense of satisfaction the comes from the rare recognition of the gronk, I really hate taking wrong turns. Especially in Phiadelphia.


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    […] forever think of “coming up Barnebey” as more like the definition of “hitting a gronk.” No hotels in Bayfield are open and we have to backtrack to the […]

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