A Twister!

8 Jun

There have been two tornado warnings in the two weeks since I’ve moved here. There was one last week that I never heard about and I immediately had a nightmare about that. I dreamed my neighbors were banging on my house to try to warn me to seek shelter, and when I woke up in a sweat, they really were banging on the house, but just for fun. Also retching in the bushes. They’re in a band!

When I was at the library yesterday the tornado sirens went off twice and the librarians escorted us into the basement. I was alarmed when they announced that a “wall cloud” had formed on the west side of the city, but no one else seemed concerned, and even the librarians seemed annoyed by the safety protocol. If I’m outside when the sirens go off, am I supposed to knock on the nearest door and plead for shelter? Jump in a ditch and cower? Or just roll my eyes like everyone else and hustle home?

2 Responses to “A Twister!”

  1. Darcy 06/10/07 at 9:15 am #

    get in the doorway. stay there. don’t move. You never know when a twista’ will strike.


  1. Nothing to do but blog. « jobonga - 06/21/09

    […] there is cable (Bill Murray’s Father’s Day marathon) and access to the washing machine. My first sheltering experience was crouched in the corner of the public library with my laptop. A guy next to me leaned over and […]

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