The land of funny hats.

5 Jun

I went to Switzerland a few weeks ago for no good reason with Kate and Michelle. It’s a green country. We rode the train. We ate bread and cheese and drank wine on the streets.

This is how we rolled.


It’s hard to teeter-totter with Michelle. She just stays up. Overall, I was most blown away by the playground equipment in this country. There were plenty of ways for kids to strangle or mangle themselves. Good clean fun. A+

The teeter-totter.

Homeboys are persecuted there. They seek refuge in the U.S.A.

Watch out, homeboys.

We had a hard time finding this particular attraction in Basel, but Kate would not rest until we did. The king up there on the wall is sticking his tongue out at loathsome peasants of this town. I guess they had to put it up high so the peasants couldn’t pull it down with their grubby fingers. That’ll learn ’em.

The tongue-king.

We hiked up Harder Kulm to that tiny red-roofed building and they served us beer and ice cream.

Refreshments at the top.

The view from the top of Harder Kulm: the willage of Interlaken.

A willage.

I heard Mt. Pilatus is haunted by Pontius Pilate because his body was dumped there. I didn’t believe it but Wikipedia confirms this local legend. His body was so evil that other burial spots in Italy, German, and the bottom of a lake rejected it, and “the corpse’s final disposition was in a deep and lonely mountain tarn, which, according to later tradition, was on a mountain, still called Pilatus, overlooking Lucerne. Every Good Friday, the body is said to reemerge from the waters and wash its hands.” Mountain tarn. Mountain tarn.

Mt. PilatusMore Mt. Pilatus.

Here we have somebody trying to outroof somebody else.

Roof on roof.

After a long hike, nothing numbs your feet quite like a glacial stream.



One Response to “The land of funny hats.”

  1. wb 06/7/07 at 10:55 am #

    This is the second time that you’ve referenced the funny hats of the Swiss. I want to see these hats, not just hear about them. I also want to see a nice holey emmentaler. Do you have a picture of one of those? In addition I am intrigued by the competitive roofing apparently going on in Swizterland. What do you think this says about the Swiss as a people? Are they overly occupied with providing new and unique types of shelter, or just too nice to tell somebody (maybe a German?) that they already have a roof?

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